Best Curling Irons: Find the Suitable One for Your Hair

Best Curling Irons: Find The Suitable One For Your Hair

Life can be so hectic that it’s easy to forget events you promised to attend. There’s no worse feeling than getting that phone call asking if you’re on your way. You have two options at that point. You can apologize and not attend or quickly get dressed.

People tend to choose the former and not the later because it's the easier route to take. For those who take their promises seriously, they would be quickly getting dressed.

Multiple Curling Irons On Hair

The essential part of making your outfit look polished is well-groomed hair. A hairstyle that takes seconds to fix up and never goes out of style is curling your hair.

Ditch having to go to the beauty salon to curl your hair. The process of curling your hair is as simple as blow drying it. When blow drying hair, you don’t need a high-quality straightener.

The only difference between straightening and curling your hair is that the curling iron you use dictates how successful you’ll be at creating your hairstyle. The best curling iron for your hair is the one that works optimally for your hair type.

The curling iron’s barrel determines the hairstyles you can complete. Hair stylists recommend, “Small barrels for tighter curls, large barrels for looser ones, and tapered, clipless, motorized, interchangeable wands for just about any curl in between.”

A lot of brands claim to have the best hair curler, but don’t fall into their trap. Reviewed below are some of the best-rated curling irons on the market. More specifically, these are curling irons that will suit every budget.

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Best Curling Iron Over $40

With so many curling irons to choose from, it’s necessary you do your research beforehand. You can separate curling irons based on their quality. One way for you to tell the difference between quality is by comparing price.

Professional quality curling irons cost at least $40, which is considerably less than one visit to the salon. If you plan on consistently using your curling iron, it’s recommended to buy one that’s professional grade.

A high performing curling iron will last longer and will quickly produce the curls you want.

Technological advancements apply to curling irons as well. “These aren't just carbon copies of the irons you've seen in the past. The latest and greatest offer better heat control, handling, and results!”

Below are reviews of top rated curling irons that cost over $40.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

BaByliss is known globally for being a luxury hair care manufacturer. The professional tools BaByliss provides helps you achieve that salon-quality look in the comfort of your home.

BaByliss recently established a PRO department that consists of hair care specialists. These professionals aid in creating the product’s design. The innovations included in BaBylissPRO products meet professional standards. This means BaBylissPRO Curling Iron comes highly recommended from a team of hair care specialists.


  • Sol-Gel Technology
  • 50 heat settings
  • Maximum temperature of 450°F
  • Nano Titanium Technology
  • 8-foot cord
  • 1.25-inch barrel
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron, 1.25 Inch

What Makes BaBylissPRO Curling Iron Special?

BaBylissPRO Curling Iron provides high-quality results without the hassle of having to go to a salon. BaBylissPRO Curling Iron design mimics the traditional model that most people are used to. For those who are comfortable using a traditional curling iron, this is your prime option.

Below are components of BaBylissPRO Curling Iron that make it a high-quality product.

Nano Titanium Barrel

For those with thick long hair, finding the right curling iron is a journey. Most barrels contain materials that don't emit enough heat. Uneven heat exposure means your long hair doesn’t absorb the heat it needs to curl properly. Since BaBylissPRO comes with a titanium barrel, the product is the best curling iron for long hair.

BaBylissPRO Curling Iron comes with a nano titanium barrel, which is similar to traditional curling irons. Titanium heats up the fastest out of all the curling iron materials. All you have to do is plug in the curling iron and use it straightaway.

Nano titanium barrels work to prevent frizzing from happening. The negative ions emitted from titanium neutralize the positive ions emitted from your hair. The positive ions are what cause your hair to frizz. Through the use of nano titanium technology, your hair will have a smooth, salon-quality finish.

The only downside with titanium is that it can cause damage to your hair. For those with fine, thin hair, titanium will dry it out. If you still insist on using BaBylissPRO Curling Iron, then make use of a heat protective spray.

Sol-Gel Technology

Titanium by itself doesn’t protect the hair against heat, so BaByliss created a protective layer to prevent damage. The Sol-Gel layer covers the titanium barrel, so your hair doesn’t have direct contact with the titanium. You can use the curling iron and not fry your hair.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron, 1.25 Inch Heat Adjustment

The Sol-Gel layer shields your hair from the Titaniums excessive heat. You have the liberty to apply as much pressure to your hair as you want. The gel layer acts as a smoothing agent, so a salon finish is a guarantee every time.

Additional Features

BaBylissPRO Curling Iron price is congruent with its added features. This curling iron comes with 50 different temperature settings so that you can minimize hair damage. The more specific you get with temperature, the less room there is for your hair to dry.

BaBylissPRO Curling Iron is easy on the wrists, which makes curling your hair an enjoyable process. The curling iron’s 8-foot cord comes with a 360-degree swivel feature. You can effortlessly curl strands of hair located on the back of your head without having to strain your hands and arms.

Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Curler

Curling iron innovations have removed the need to know how to curl your hair. Automatic curling irons are slowly replacing the traditional model because of the convenience it offers. With the click of a button, your hair is suddenly curly. For those in a rush, automatic curlers save you time and provide well-groomed results.

Across the board, automatic curling iron reviews all rave about the magical performance of Kiss Products Instawave Curler.


  • Spinner Technology1
  • 1-inch Barrel
  • Ceramic Barrel
  • 8-foot Cord
  • No clip
  • Two temperature settings: 420 degrees Fahrenheit maximum
  • Automatic shut-off: 90 minutes
Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler With Hair

What’s Makes Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Curler Special?

You may have seen Kiss Products in the nail care section of your local drugstore. This is because Kiss Products first specialized in nail care, and once they saw the success they moved on to create other beauty care products.

Kiss Products have cosmetologists on call who help design the most user-friendly and efficient hair appliances. This is a major reason why Instawave Automatic Curler meets professional performance standards.

Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Curler functions with the press of a button. Instawave’s user-friendly quality makes it a bestseller on the hair care market.

Diamond-Ceramic Technology

Kiss Products Instawave Curler’s barrel differs from the previously mentioned curling iron. This curler has a barrel composed of ceramic. Out of all the materials out there, ceramic has the most protective features to offer.

The number one cause of hair damage is the application of uneven heat to your hair. Ceramic heats up evenly, so each hair section will receive the same amount of heat. You no longer have to spray the ends of your hair to prevent split ends.

Ceramic also keeps your hair’s essential oils intact, so that hair damage won’t occur.

Ceramic works similarly to titanium since they both emit negative ions to combat your dry hair’s positive ions. In fact, ceramic emits a higher quantity of negative ions. This means you’ll have more success achieving smooth hair if you use a ceramic barrel.

It’s easy to say that Kiss Products Instawave is the best ceramic curling iron on the market.

Spinner Technology

Kiss Products made manually curling your hair no longer necessary. In fact, Kiss Products patented spinner technology made learning how to curl your hair an obsolete skill.

Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler Middle Part

Properly making use of the spinner takes practice, but after a few tries, you’ll get the hang of it. There are directional buttons located on the handle that you press to rotate the curling wand. It’s recommended to switch up the spinning direction if you want beachy waves.

Kiss Products Instawave Curler ranks as being the best curling iron for beachy waves because of its spinner technology.

Additional Features

Compared to the previous curling iron, Instawave Curler has fewer temperature settings. In fact, the curling iron comes with only two heat settings. The maximum temperature the curling iron reaches is about 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

For those with thick hair, using the maximum temperature setting will give you the curls you want.

Another feature unique to Kiss Products Instawave Curler is the automatic shutoff. The curling iron automatically shuts off after you stop using it for 90 minutes. This prevents the curling iron from overheating, so the product lasts longer.

Infiniti Pro By Conair Curl Secret

For those looking for a hassle-free curling iron, Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret is the answer. Suitable for all hair types, Infiniti Pro works automatically to create long-lasting curls or waves. With the press of a button, your hair changes from straight to curly.


  • Maximum Temperature Setting: 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Brushless motor
  • Safety sensor to prevent tangling
  • High-quality heater for immediate heat-up
  • Easy-twist barrel cleaner
  • Sleep Mode Setting
  • Two heat levels
  • Three timer settings
  • Automatic shutdown after 20 minutes
Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret

Design Features

Infiniti Pro is one of the best curling wands because its design is unlike any other standard curling wand. Its heated element is enclosed, so there’s no way you can burn yourself. With the click of a button, your straight hair gets sucked into the heating element. Once you hear a beep that means your hair is ready.

What Makes Infiniti Pro Special?

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

As you all know, ceramic is a commonly found material in curling irons. Tourmaline is not as common, but soon every curling iron will include it. Ceramic and tourmaline work similarly to give you smooth, voluminous curls.

In fact, tourmaline emits six times as many negative ions as ceramic. When you combine the two, you have a curling iron powerhouse. This means there’s no chance frizzing will occur. More importantly, the tourmaline and ceramic found in Infiniti Pro will protect your hair and give it a healthy shine.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret Used On Blonde Hair
Additional Features

You can comfortably fit Infiniti Pro in the palm of your hand and start curling your hair. Conair’s professional team ergonomically designed Infiniti Pro so it can rank as a top rated curling wand.

Conair’s patented Curl Chamber provides heat from all directions, so your hair gets uniform heat exposure. The maximum temperature reaches 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This amount of heat isn’t enough for the curler to properly function on thick hair. Infiniti Pro ranks as being the best curling iron for fine hair.


For those looking for luxury curling irons, any of the ones reviewed above will suffice. You have a diverse list of curling irons to choose from.

If you need a curling iron with a clip, the only one that will work for you is the BaBylissPRO. Both Kiss Products Instawave Curler and Infiniti Pro are automatic curling wands that lack the clip feature.

Ultimately, two things dictate what curling iron you should buy. The first thing to make a note of are the hairstyles you plan on creating with the curling iron. The next deciding factor is your hair type. The curling irons reviewed above suit a majority of hair types and have the ability to create a vast amount of hairstyles.

Best Curling Iron Under $40

A high-quality curling iron costs less than a one-time visit to the beauty salon. Even lower end curling irons are now similar in quality to professional ones. Nowadays, more hair care brands have efficiently lowered manufacturing costs without lessening their products quality.

Mark Goodman, a master hair care professional, says “Hair styling tools don't have to cost a fortune. But they do need basic features.”

Xtava Auto Styler Professional Bi-Directional Curling Iron

Xtava is well-known for making inexpensive luxury hair care products. Auto Styler Professional Curling Iron is xtava’s best selling product because of its high-performance value.

The curling iron consists of the innovative rotating feature that removes the need to curl hair manually. This makes the process of curling your hair as simple as pressing a button.


  • 1.1-inch Barrel
  • 11 temperature settings: 210-430 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Automatic shutdown after 60 minutes
  • Ceramic Tourmaline Technology
  • Automatic rotating barrel
  • LCD on handle
xtava Auto Styler - Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron

What Makes Auto Styler Special?

Ceramic Tourmaline Barrel

Auto Styler’s barrel consists of the same material as the one found in Infiniti Pro by Conair. You’ll receive the same hair treatment but at more than half the price.

Tourmaline and ceramic work well together to both curl and protect your hair. The materials function to keep all the necessary oils that make your hair strong. Cheap curling irons that don’t consist of ceramic and tourmaline will damage your hair.

You’ll be wondering why Auto Styler costs less than Infiniti Pro? Conair is more widely known than xtava so that the brand can upsell their product. Xtava is still making a name for itself, so their curling irons cost less. You need to take advantage of this situation while you can.

Design Features

Xtava designs its products to be efficient yet look luxurious. The all-black appearance makes Auto Styler look as if it belongs on a beauty salon shelf. Auto Styler comes with state of the art automated rotating controls that shorten the entire hair curling process.

What’s The Difference?

The curling iron differs from other automatic ones because it comes with a built-in hair clip. You secure your hair in the clip and press the button to rotate the barrel. The addition of a clip makes xtava extremely user-friendly. In fact, people have an easier time using Auto Styler than any other automatic curling iron.

xtava Auto Styler - Professional Auto Rotating Curling Iron In Box

Auto Styler comes with 11 temperature settings as well as an LCD screen located on its handle. The LCD offers accurate temperature readings, so you have complete control over heat exposure. The temperatures vary from 210 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. You have a large temperature range to choose from.

Health experts advise you “to consider the temperature settings of your tool as overheating can rid your hair of moisture, resulting in dullness and even breakage.”

Homitt 5 In 1 Curling Iron Set

If you like to get creative with your hairstyles, Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Iron Set gives you unlimited curling options. The curling iron comes with interchangeable barrels that vary in size. Each different size barrel creates a particular curl. If you want tight curls one day but loose waves the next, Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Iron Set is your ideal option.


  • No clip curling wand
  • Five barrel sizes
  • Cord: 2.5 meters & 360 degree swivel
  • Heat Protective Glove Included
  • Ceramic Technology
Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Iron Set with 5 Interchangeable Curling Wand Ceramic Barrels and a Heat Protective Glove Attachments

What Makes Homitt 5 In 1 Curling Iron Set Special?

Interchangeable Curling Wands

All in one curling iron sets are slowly gaining popularity for providing the most bang for your buck. Homitt 5 in 1 comes with five interchangeable curling wands that can make different hairstyles.

Homitt 5 in 1 is rated as having the best large barrel curling iron when compared to the previously mentioned curling irons. This curling iron has the biggest barrel on this list, and it measures 1.25-1.25 inches. These measurements are ideal if you want beachy waves.

The five different curling wand measurements are 0.35-0.71 inch, 1-1 inch, 0.71-1 inch, 1.25-1.25 inch, and 1-1.25 inch. The barrel size variety classifies Homitt as having the best curling iron for thick hair as well as thin hair.

The barrels are easy to switch because of the lock mechanism located on the handle. All you have to do is press the button, and the barrel pops out. Find the curling wand you need, and you effortlessly lock it back into the handle.

Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Iron Set with 5 Interchangeable Curling Wand Ceramic Barrels and a Heat Protective Glove Different Curls

Make note that Homitt’s interchangeable curling wands do not come with hair clips. It takes skill to curl hair with a curling iron that has a hair clip. Hair clips tend to crease and crimp curls. For beginners, a curling wand is the next best alternative.

Ceramic Technology

Sometimes people think that all in one curling iron sets incorporate low-quality materials to their product. Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Iron Set costs so little because the barrel is made of ceramic. Ceramic has low production costs so that Homitt can sell its product for cheap.

Every single curling wand contains ceramic, so you can be assured that Homitt has the best curling wands. The ceramic found in the curling wands will lock in your hair's oils to prevent drying or frizzing from occurring. Since the curling iron comes with more than one wand, it’s safe to say that Homitt 5 in 1 qualifies as providing the best ceramic curling iron.

The ceramic is also responsible for the curling iron’s ability to heat up fast. Within 60 seconds your barrel will be hot and ready to go. If you’re always in a hurry, Homitt 5 in 1 is the best wand curling iron for you.

Additional Features

Since the curling wand has no clip, it’s easy to burn your hands. Homitt took the extra measure to include a heat protective glove with the set. The glove allows you to touch the wand without the possibility of hurting yourself.


For those on a budget, the curling iron’s reviewed above are your optimal choices. Both are under $40, which is less than what a session at the beauty salon would cost.

If you’re just beginning to learn how to curl your hair, either the xtava Auto Styler or the Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Iron Set will function fine. People who don’t typically expose their hair to heat end up damaging their hair because of the curling iron used. Both curling irons reviewed above consist of high-quality barrels, so you know your hair won’t sustain damage.

Girl Getting Hair Curled With Curling Iron

Beginners who don’t plan on frequently using their curling iron love the Auto Styler. Beginners who do plan on using their curling iron consistently prefer Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Iron Set. The various wand options give the user freedom to experiment with different hairstyles.

Next time you go to the salon pay attention to the curling iron your stylist uses. They may use the same one you have at home.

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